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Firing an event means to:

The firing is done by the user agent (ie the browser) via the subscription of a callback to a type of event

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Devtool Chrome Event Listener
Change event (DOM, Javascript)

A page and example about the change event
Devtool Chrome Event Listener
DOM - Event

This section is the management of action in the Document object model (ie in the browser) An event allows for signaling that something has occurred, e.g., that an image has completed downloading. Event...
Devtool Chrome Event Listener
DOM - Event Callback Function (Attach function to Event)

An event callback is a callback function that is executed when a event is fired. The Event callback function can be added / defined through: the setting of an event handler on.... such as onclick ...
Devtool Chrome Event Listener
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A event callback function may have a parameter specified with a name such as event, evt, or simply e. This is the event object, and it is automatically passed to the callback function to provide extra...
Devtool Chrome Event Listener
Event - Dispatch (Starts Propagation / Bubble)

Dispatching an event means to follow the steps that propagate the event through the tree. Firing an event is just starting the propagation (dispatch) process. The HTML code. We will execute an event...

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