Javascript Event Targets (DOM)

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An event object has target properties that points to elements related to the event.


target returns the object to which event is dispatched (its target). Ref.

This is:

  • for an implicit dispatch: ie event handler (ie on event), the element where the handler is defined
  • for an explicit dispatch: the element where the dispatchEvent function is called


currentTarget returns the object whose event listener’s callback is currently being invoked. Ref

This is:


The related target gets the elements that has focus when the event occurs.

  • ie a HTML element that has natively focus such as an anchor or a button
  • or an element with the tabindex property set to 0 or more.

You will get it for instance in a blur event.


Implicit Dispatch

You have an implicit dispatch when your event propagate (ie bubble).


  • The button that will be clicked and a div where the event will propagate.
    <button>Click me</button>
function printNodeNameCallback(e) {
     console.log("Target: ";
     console.log("Current Target: "+e.currentTarget.nodeName.toLowerCase());
document.querySelector("div").addEventListener("click", printNodeNameCallback);
document.querySelector("button").addEventListener("click", printNodeNameCallback);

Explicit dispatch

  • The HTML code. We will execute an event against the world span.
<p>Hello <span id="world">world</span>!</p>
  • Utility function to print the node id
function getNodeId(node){
  let nodeId = node.nodeName;
  if ("id" in node){
     nodeId += "#";
  return nodeId.toLowerCase();
function eventCallback(e) {
     console.log("Target: "+getNodeId(;
     console.log("Current Target: "+getNodeId(e.currentTarget));
     console.log("Event Phase: "+e.eventPhase);
let eventName = "myEvent";
  • Add two listeners on document and body that executes the callback for this event
document.addEventListener(eventName , eventCallback, {capture: true})
document.body.addEventListener(eventName , eventCallback)
  • Create the event and dispatch it against the span world element
var myEvent = new Event(eventName, {bubbles:true})
  • Result:

Documentation / Reference

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