DOM - Element


An element is the most common type of node in the DOM.

When you want to do something to an element, first you need to select it.

A dom element is generally the memory representation of:



See Attribute manipulation with DOM



getElementsByName The document function document.getElementsByName(name) returns a NodeList collection of elements in the Document that have a name attribute with the value name in a case-sensitive manner, in tree order

Child (Get|Add)

See DOM - Child Nodes of a Node

Content (Get|Add|Update)

See DOM - Element content


See node remove


See node move


See MutationObserver



The nodes representing HTML elements inherit their interface from the HTMLElement interface.

  • The HTMLElement interface holds methods and attributes related to a number of disparate features.
  • The HTMLUnknownElement interface is used for HTML elements that are not defined by the HTML specification.

Documentation / Reference

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