DOM - Class attribute


HTML - The class attribute manipulation in the DOM.


Get / Select elements

Get elements with the Web API

The DOM Web API has a special function to select on class: the getElementsByClassName() function

Get elements With Selector based on one classes

You can select the class with a selector

  • With Native Javascript
// the first one
// All
  • With Jquery

Get elements With Selector based on two classes

How to select an element that contains two class values.

  • The HTML with two paragraph, we want to select only the second one (ie the one with the values first and second)
<p class="first">Paragraph with one class value</p>
<p class="first second">The Paragraph with two class values should be in red</p>
  • The javascript that select the element and add a red color style
let element = document.querySelector(".first.second");'color', 'red');
  • Output:

Is Present

Jquery HasClass

  • Native javascript
<div class="foo bar"></div>
element = document.querySelector(".bar");
console.log("Is the class foo present ? "+ element.classList.contains("foo"));


toggle (or toggling) means to:

  • add a class if not present
  • or delete it if present

The en-US/docs/Web/API/DOMTokenList/toggle:


// The same as
if (element.classList.contains("className")){
} else {

A demo with Native Javascript

  • A css with the toggle class that we are going to toggle.
.toggle {
  • A button that we will click to toggle its class
<button class="toggle" src="#">Toggled</button>
document.querySelectorAll("button").forEach(element => {
   element.addEventListener("click", function () {
        result = element.classList.toggle("toggle");
        if (result){
            element.innerText = "Toggled";
        } else {
            element.innerText = "UnToggled";
  • Try it: click on the button.

If you use Jquery, you can use the JQuery Toggle function


Add with Native Javascript

  • As class string
document.querySelector('.js-nav').classList.add('is-shown is-blue'.split(' '))'is-selected')

Add with Jquery

With the addClass Jquery Method

  • The CSS that will apply the color blueviolet to all element with a beauty-blue class
.beauty-blue { color: blueviolet; }
$( "p" ).addClass( "beauty-blue" )
  • the HTML where the p element will get the class beauty-blue at runtime via javascript.
<p>The text should be blue violet because the class 'beauty-blue' was added at runtime</p>
  • The result:

You can control it by looking the DOM element with the devtool.

Example: with chrome:

Class Html Beauty Blue Added


Remove with Native Javascript


Remove with Jquery

With the removeClass Jquery Method

$( "p" ).removeClass( "beauty-blue" )
  • the HTML where the p element will get the class beauty-blue at runtime via javascript.
<p class="beauty-blue">The text should be black because the class 'beauty-blue' was removed</p>
  • A Css that will never be applied because the class will be remove by Javacript
.beauty-blue { color: blueviolet; }
  • The result:

You can control it by looking the DOM element with the devtool.

Example: with chrome:


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