DOM - NodeList (Collection)


A nodelist is the result of a selection that returns more than one node (Generally an element)


  • HTMLAllCollection,
  • HTMLFormControlsCollection,
  • HTMLOptionsCollection,
  • interfaces are collections derived from the HTMLCollection interface.


Type and prototype

let nodeList = document.querySelectorAll("body")
console.log("Type of NodeList: "+typeof(nodeList));
console.log("Prototype of NodeList: "+nodeList.__proto__.toString());


  • With JQuery


You can transform it to an array:

let arrayOfNode = [...document.querySelectorAll("selector")];
  • With the Array.from
let arrayOfNode = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("selector"));
  • With the slice function
let arrayOfNode = []'selector'));


  • A list of div element where we want to loop.
<ul id="my-list">

Property loop

Because a nodelist is just an object, we can loop through its properties with the for statement

// Get all divs element
// allDivs is an array of NodeList
allDivs=document.querySelectorAll("#my-list > li");
for (i = 0; i < allDivs.length; i++) {
    console.log("Li element number "+i+" - "+allDivs[i].textContent);


  • A nodelist has also a forEach
  • A HTML collection can be turned as an array Array.from()
let sentence ="";
document.querySelectorAll("#my-list > li").forEach(element => {
  let text = element.innerText;
  if (text == "can" ) {
     text = "can not";
  sentence += text+" ";
  • Result

For more see DOM - Collection Iteration (NodeList, ..)

Documentation / Reference

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