DOM - Hierarchy


The nodes in the node tree have a hierarchical relationship to each other.

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An element A is said to be preceded or followed by a second element B if A and B have the same parent node and there are no other element nodes or Text nodes (other than DOM - Text (node)) between them.

Only Child

A node is the only child of an element if that element contains no other nodes other than:


The terms parent, child, and sibling are used to describe the relationships. Parent nodes have children. Children on the same level are called siblings (brothers or sisters).

  • In a node tree, the top node is called the root. In HTML, it's the html element
  • Every node, except the root, has exactly one parent node
  • A node can have any number of children
  • A leaf is a node with no children
  • Siblings are nodes with the same parent

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