DOM - Node


In DOM, every markup in an (XML|HTML) document is a node represented in a tree view.

Every DOM node has at least:

  • a type,
  • a name,
  • and a value, which might or might not be empty.


    <title>My Title</title>
    <h1>My First chapter</h1>
    <p>My Text and<a href="gerardnico.html">My Link</a></p>


DOC: nodeName="#document"
  ELEM: nodeName="html" local="html"
    ELEM: nodeName="head" local="head"
      ELEM: nodeName="title" local="title"
        TEXT: nodeName="#text" nodeValue="My Title"
    ELEM: nodeName="body" local="body"
      ELEM: nodeName="h1" local="h1"
        TEXT: nodeName="#text" nodeValue="My First chapter"
      ELEM: nodeName="p" local="p"
        TEXT: nodeName="#text" nodeValue="My Text and"
        ELEM: nodeName="a" local="a"
            ATTR: nodeName="href" local="href" nodeValue="gerardnico.html"
              TEXT: nodeName="#text" nodeValue="gerardnico.html"
          TEXT: nodeName="#text" nodeValue="My Link"


Node Type Children Node
Attr Text, EntityReference
CDATASection no children (ei XML cdata)
Comment no children
Document Element (maximum of one), ProcessingInstruction, Comment, DocumentType (maximum of one)
DocumentFragment Element, ProcessingInstruction, Comment, Text, CDATASection, EntityReference
DocumentType no children
Element Element, Text, Comment, ProcessingInstruction, CDATASection, EntityReference
Entity Element, ProcessingInstruction, Comment, Text, CDATASection, EntityReference
EntityReference Element, ProcessingInstruction, Comment, Text, CDATASection, EntityReference
Notation no children (ie XML Notation)
ProcessingInstruction no children
DOM - Text (node) no children, no class, …



See DOM - Selection of Node Element (querySelector)

Get type

With the DOM Web API, see en-US/docs/Web/API/Node/nodeType



  • Pure Javascript
  • Jquery
// if not removed
if (jQueryElement.parent().length >0) {

See also: How to remove children


DOM - AppendChild

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