How to add/remove CSS inline-style with the DOM


This page talks about on how to manipulate the HTML style attribute on the DOM.

This page is part of CSS javascript serie: CSS - Javascript Manipulation



To set an inline style, you use:

  • the qualified method: method of an element, value, priority);

// example'color', 'purple', 'important')
  • or the shortcut that will set the attribute to a low priority = "purple";


<button style="color: blue">Click to change my color</button>
document.querySelector('button').addEventListener("click", function(event) { 
    button  =;
    color =;
       // qualified  method'color',"purple","important");
    } else {
        // property set method = "blue";
  • Click on the button to see it in action


  • The property value or an empty string if not set
value ='cssProperty');
  • The priority value or an empty string if not set
priority ='cssProperty');

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