DOM - Range - Sequence of characters

1 - About

A range represent a sequence of content at the character level within a node tree.

They are used in editing for

3 - Example

Below we will define the range that represents the olor sit ame

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit <em>amet, consectetur</em> adipiscing elit</p>

  • The javascript that select the p and em node used later to define the start and end character of the range

let p = document.querySelector("p");
let em = document.querySelector("em");

  • Creating the range with the text node of p and em

let range = new Range(),
      pTextNode = p.childNodes[0], 
      emTextNode = em.firstChild;
range.setStart(pTextNode, 13); // from the 13 characters of the p element
range.setEnd(emTextNode, 3); // until the third character of em

  • Select the text to show the range

var sel = window.getSelection();

  • Result:

4 - Concept

A range has two associated boundary points

  • a start
  • and end.

4.1 - Boundary point

A boundary point consists:

  • of a node (generally a text node)
  • and an offset (a non-negative integer) between 0 and the node length:
    • in a text node, it represents the position of the character in the content.
    • in a container node, it represents the childs (?)

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