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The function of the markup in an XML document is to describe its structure:

  • storage (physical)
  • and logical structure (and to associate attribute name-value pairs with its logical structures).

Markup takes the form of:



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DOM - Node

In DOM, every markup in an (XML|HTML) document is a node represented in a tree view. Every DOM node has at least: a , a name, and a value, which might or might not be empty. Node Type...
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What is a CDATA Sections in XML ? (and HTML compliancy)

A cdata section delimits a text as being cdata (character data). It's used mostly to be able to use (ie escape) reserved xml characters that would otherwise be recognized as xml markup. An example...
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XML - (Structure|Representation)

Each XML document has both: a and a structure. XML provides a mechanism, the document type declaration: to define constraints on the logical structure and to support the use of predefined...
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XML - Character

character in XML. Unicode Standard“1234U+1234”“10FFFDU+10FFFD”HTML“”“” Legal characters are: tab, carriage return, line feed, and the legal characters of Unicode (ISO/IEC...
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XML - Character data (CDATA) - Escape

All text that is not markup or comment constitutes the character data of the document (known as CDATA). CDATAPCDATAchild If you want to embedded reserved characters xml character in your document,...
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XML - Entity (Physical Storage)

An XML document may consist of one or many physical units (storage) that are called entities. Entities may be either parsed or unparsed. A parsed entity contains text, a sequence of characters,...
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XML - Text

Text consists of intermingled: character data and markup. text is the data that happens between Element tags In the DOM, text are stored in the text node
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XML - XML Declaration

Each XML documents SHOULD begin with an XML declaration which specifies the version of XML being used. The version of XML being used. In a standalone document declaration, the value “yes”...

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