XML - Root element

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The root in XML and other derived language defines the root element of the tree



See Selector API - Root

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HTML - HTML element (Document root)

The html element represents the root of a a html document (page). It would become also the root (top node) in the in-memory tree representation (DOM document) of this html page. This is also the node...
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SVG - The SVG element

The svg element is the root element of a SVG document. The default value for Width and Height is auto and is equal to 100% length The percentage refers to the size of thecurrent SVG viewport. ...
Chrome Devtool Selector
Selector API - Root

The :root tree pseudo-element selects the Root of all blocks in the page If the document is an HTML document, the root is the HTML element HTML HTML root element
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XSLT/XPath - (Data|Document) Model

Like the Document Object Model (DOM), the XSLT/XPath data model consists of a tree containing a variety of nodes. The XPath specification defines an abstract document model that defines seven kinds...
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Xml - Xpath

XPath is a pattern expression used to select a set of XML nodes. You can select: from node name from attributes from text In the XPath specification, the document model defines seven kinds of...

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