Tree - Root node

Data System Architecture


The root node is the only node in a tree without parent.

The root is the top node (member) in a branch.

The root is also called:

  • the topmost node
  • the starting node

Member Relationship

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Data System Architecture
(Tree|Nested Set|Hierarchy) Data Structure

A tree is a node that may have children. Tree's are inherently recursive by definition as each child of a node is a Tree itself, with or without children nodes. A tree is a special case of a graph structure...
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Data System Architecture
Tree - (Element|Entry|Member|Node)

The basic data element of a tree is called: an Node (Element) in (HTML|XML) and the like an Entry in LDAP a Member in OLAP a file or directory in a file system It may have attribute Each element...
Data System Architecture
Tree - Branch

A branch is a path from node to node inside a tree beginning at the root or at a leaf development branch

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