Tree - Attribute

Data System Architecture


A value associated with an node (element) of a tree, consisting of a name, and an associated (textual) value.


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LDAP - (LDIF fields|LDAP Attribute)

Attributes of an entry See 4519Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Schema for User Applications The attribute type is identified by: a short descriptive name and an OID (object identifier)....
Data System Architecture
Tree - (Element|Entry|Member|Node)

The basic data element of a tree is called: an Node (Element) in (HTML|XML) and the like an Entry in LDAP a Member in OLAP a file or directory in a file system It may have attribute Each element...
Card Puncher Data Processing
XML - Attribute

Attribute in XML represents the (tree) attributes of an HTML element (node in the tree) Ie they are used to associate name-value pairs with elements and are defined in a start tag of an empty tag. The...

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