Tree - (Element|Entry|Member|Node)

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The basic data element of a tree is called:

  • an Node (Element) in (HTML|XML) and the like
  • an Entry in LDAP
  • a Member in OLAP
  • a file or directory in a file system

It may have attribute

Each element (node) in a tree has exactly one parent, with the exception of the root element, which has none.

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Data System Architecture
(Tree|Nested Set|Hierarchy) Data Structure

A tree is a node that may have children. Tree's are inherently recursive by definition as each child of a node is a Tree itself, with or without children nodes. A tree is a special case of a graph structure...
Tree Ancestor
Tree - Ancestor (Ascendant)

An element A is called an ancestor of an element B, if and only if B is a descendant of A. Ancestors are element (members) in branches above a element (member).
Data System Architecture
Tree - Attribute

A value associated with an node (element) of a tree, consisting of a name, and an associated (textual) value.
Recursion Tree
Tree - Binary Tree

A tree is said to be binary when each node can only have two children. full-binary tree, complete-binary tree, binary search tree (BST), height balance tree (AVL), red-black tree...
Data System Architecture
Tree - Branch

A branch is a path from node to node inside a tree beginning at the root or at a leaf development branch
Data System Architecture
Tree - Child

An element A is called the child of element B if and only if B is the parent of A. A child is also a direct descendant of its parent and may have zero or more sibling (ie sister/brother) If the child...
Data System Architecture
Tree - Descendant

An element A is called a descendant of an element B, if either: (1) A is a child of B, or (2) A is the child of some element C that is a descendant of B. Descendants are elements (members) in branches...
Data System Architecture
Tree - Edge

The link between each of the nodes is called an edge. See also: The link describe the relationship between nodes (such as children, sibling, descendant, ...).
Data System Architecture
Tree - Following (Node|Element)

An element A is called a following element of an element B, if and only if B is a preceding element of A.
Data System Architecture
Tree - Operation

on a tree node get path size ... others:

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