LDAP - Entry


Entry are the content of a LDAP directory and they represents entity or objects such as:

LDAP deployments today tend to use Domain name system (DNS) names for structuring the topmost levels of the hierarchy.


Entries consist of a set of attributes.

Entries have:

Permitted attribute

The permitted attributes of an entry are determined by:

  • The objectClass attribute (It specifies the object classes of an entry and is mandatory for each entry)
  • The system and user schema

Mandatory Attribute

The following four attributes MUST be present in all subschema entries:

  • cn: this attribute MUST be used to form the RDN of the subschema entry.
  • objectClass: the attribute MUST have at least the values “top” and “subschema”.
  • objectClasses: each value of this attribute specifies an object class known to the server.
  • attributeTypes: each value of this attribute specifies an attribute type known to the server.

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