LDAP - Directory Information Tree (DIT)


directory in LDAP.

A LDAP directory is a tree structure made up of entries.

An LDAP directory tree often reflects various political, geographic, and/or organizational boundaries, depending on the model chosen.

Different parts of the tree can be maintained by different directories and different administrators.


A country { relative name 'c=au' , description = 'Australia' }
    ---- A company { relative name = 'o=computer associates', web address = 'www.ca.com'  }
            ----- A person { relative name = 'cn=Chris', favorite drink = 'japanese slipper' }
            ----- A person { relative name = 'cn=Trudi', favorite drink = 'beer' }
            ----- A person { relative name = 'cn=Jay', favorite drink = 'mineral water' }

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