What is the LDAP Distinguished Name (DN)?


The Distinguished Name (DN) is the unique identifier for an entry in the ldap tree.

The Distinguished Name (DN) is the combination of all relative distinguished names ancestors (ie from the standard: the concatenation of the relative distinguished names of the sequence of entries from a particular entry to an immediate subordinate of the root of the tree).

What is the Principal of a user in Authentication? ?



The world { relative name = 'dc=com' , description = 'The world' }
    ---- A company { relative name = 'o=foo bar ', web address = 'www.gerardnico.com'  }
            ----- A person { relative name = 'cn=foo', favorite drink = 'martini' }
            ----- A person { relative name = 'cn=Trudi', favorite drink = 'beer' }
            ----- A person { relative name = 'cn=Jay', favorite drink = 'mineral water' }

The DN of foo would be:

cn=foo,o=foo bar,dc=com

where the DN is composed of:

Two (from the standard)

An example of a Distinguished Name is

CN=Steve Kille, O=Isode Limited, C=GB

where the DN is composed of:


When adding owner information, you need to define a DN in a certificate signing request.

The distinguished name may be defined as the concatenation of all this fields or a subset of them in hierachical order.


[email protected], CN=KeyName, OU=Programs Partners, O=Organisation, L=Town, C=NL

CN=Bytle, O=Bytle, C=NL

Documentation / Reference

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