Keypair (public and a private key)

Public Key Crypto Pair Key Creation


A keypair is a pair of keys:

  • a public key: Used for encryption or signature verification;
  • and a private one: The decryption key which is kept secret decrypt and sign.

They are a component of the public key scheme.

For some software such as portcle, a keypair is:

Because the public key is generated from the private key



See File format for key


Different tool create different format.


With the Java keytool utility, generation of a keypair and creation of a (Java) key store (Jks) with the rsa implementation algorithm.

keytool \
    -alias aliasEntry
    -keyalg RSA 
    -keystore keyStoreName.jks 
    -dname "[email protected], CN=KeyName, OU=Programs Partners, O=Organisation, L=Town, C=NL" 
    -storepass keyStorePassword 
    -keysize 2048 
    -keypass keyPassword



SSH - KeyGen to create a key pair in the pem format


Putty has a tool to create key pair in a ppk format

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Public Key Crypto Pair Key Creation
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Public Key Crypto Pair Key Creation
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