portecle is a cryptographic material manager. It's a french term that means key ring where key references to the cryptogrphic key.

You can do cryptographic operation in a GUI fashion versus in a command line fashion with OpenSsl

You can download and see the documentation at http://portecle.sourceforge.net/


Reading a certificate

Seeing a certificate in plain text format inside a pkcs12 storage file.

Porte Cle

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Protecle Certificate Extensions
Certificates - Extensions (X509v3 extensions)

extensions are key values that are part of a certificate. They are also known as the X509v3 extensions because they are defined in the x509 certificate format. The most known and extension are: ...
Csr Ldap Dn Properties
Cryptography - Certificate Signing Request

When requesting a signed certificate, an additional file must be created. This file is called Certificate Signing Request, generated from the Private Key. See the procedure at signed certificate procedure...
Cryptography - Software

List of utility software to help build a secure connection. ssh-keygen on Linux GUI - Openssl graphic implementation...
Domain Validate Certificate
Domain Validated Certificates (DV)

Domain Validated certificates are server signed certificates where the ownership of the domain was checked. There is no identifying organizational information for these certificates and thus should never...
Csr Portecle Read
How to revoke a certificat with the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) ?

A revoked certificate is a certificate that is in a list containing all revoked certificat. This list is known as the crl or Certificate Revocation List.
Certificate Validity Period Not Before Not After Portecle
Identification Material - Certificate (or Public Key Certificate)

A certificate is a document which permits to define with certainty the owner of the private key (ensures that the party you are communicating with is whom you think.) because it's digitally signed A certificate...
Public Key Crypto Pair Key Creation
Keypair (public and a private key)

A keypair is a pair of keys: a public key: Used for encryption or signature verification; and a private one: The decryption key which is kept secret decrypt and sign. They are a component of the...
Porte Cle Keystore Pem
Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM) (OpenSsh key format)

Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM) is a file formats for cryptographic material (key, certificate, ..). The PEM format is the DER format encoded in base64 with additional header and footer lines to be transported...
Porte Cle Examine Tls Ssl Connection
SSL/TLS - Session (Connection)

A SSL/TLS session is a session between two applications that have successfully performed an SSL Handshake. You can examine the connection and server certificate connection with portecle With...
Certificate Usage
What are the possible usages of a cryptographic certificate?

A certificate may have one or more several usages. This articles list them and show you how to discover the usage also known as certificat purpose. extensions A certificate can be used for one or...

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