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OpenSSH wiki/OpenSSH ( is a combination of command line utility to implement and use SSH

Command line utility

  • ssh is the SSH client component that runs on the user's local system
  • sshd is the SSH server component that must be running on the system being managed remotely
  • ssh-keygen generates, manages and converts authentication keys for SSH
  • ssh-agent stores private keys used for public key authentication
  • ssh-add adds private keys to the list allowed by the server
  • ssh-keyscan aids in collecting the public SSH host keys from hosts
  • sftp is the service that provides the Secure File Transfer Protocol, and runs over SSH
  • scp is a file copy utility that runs on SSH



From the windows openssh doc 1)

  • Settings, select System, then select Optional Features.
  • Search SSH and install the client and or the server

Windows Install Openssh

Optionally, it comes also with Git:

You can find the executable at c:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH\ssh


The package should be installed otherwise

apt-get install openssh

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