SSH - Pageant (Putty Agent)


Pageant is the SSH authentication agent of PuTTY.




  • is part of PuTTY installation package.
  • is also included in WinSCP installation package.

You can also download it separately from WinSCP download page.

Add a key


  • Login dialog > Tools . Run Pageant
  • Click the Pageant icon in the windows bar with the right mouse button

At startup

pageant.exe  key1.ppk key2.ppk ...

Connection key authentication Parameters

In Winscp


  • Agent forwarding is a mechanism that allows applications on your SSH server machine to talk to pageant (ie on your local/client machine)
  • The key is no more mandatory

Authentication from agent

When pageant is active, it will sign you in with your key.

Example with Putty:

Documentation / Reference

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