SSH - Pageant (Putty Agent)

Host Key Not Cached Putty


Pageant is the SSH authentication agent of PuTTY.




  • is part of PuTTY installation package.
  • is also included in WinSCP installation package.

You can also download it separately from WinSCP download page.

Add a key


  • Login dialog > Tools . Run Pageant
  • Click the Pageant icon in the windows bar with the right mouse button

Pageant Windows

At startup

pageant.exe  key1.ppk key2.ppk ...

Connection key authentication Parameters

In Winscp

Winscp Connection With Key


  • Agent forwarding is a mechanism that allows applications on your SSH server machine to talk to pageant (ie on your local/client machine)
  • The key is no more mandatory

Authentication from agent

When pageant is active, it will sign you in with your key.

Example with Putty:

Putty Agent Authentication

Documentation / Reference

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With Pageant Set GIT_SSH env to plink c:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe Add your public key to Github. Test with:

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