X11 - X Server (X-Windows, X Display Server)

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The X Server is also known as:

  • X Display server (from DISPLAY)
  • X-Windows server (if the X Server is a Windows application)

and is an important part of the X Windows System.

It's located on your machine (laptop, localhost).

All graphical UNIX/LINUX applications connect to an X-Windows Server to display graphical data on the monitor of the computer when you use the X Windows system.

The X-Windows Server is a program that acts as an interface between graphical UNIX/LINUX applications and the graphics subsystem of the computer.

Microsoft Windows does not come with support for X, but many third-party implementations (X-Windows server) exist such as:

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X11 means that the display of a remotely running program is authorized to be sent to your machine (localhost) via an X11 connection between a client (located on the remote server) and a server (running...
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An xterm is a terminal of a X display server. Putty used Xterm. For instance, when you start the Cygwin X server automatically an xterm session appear and you can make a connection to a Linux Operating...

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