Cryptography - Keystore (KS)


A keystore is a database of key material. ie:

You only need it:

A keystore contains:

  • key entries (an entity's identity and its private key)
  • and trusted certificate entries (only a public key in addition to the entity's identity). Thus, a trusted certificate entry cannot be used where a private key is required, such as in a


Various types of keystores are available, including:



Without a key

Portecle New Keystore

For pem, see Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM) (OpenSsh key format)

With a key

Generation of a keypair with the RSA public key implementation and creation of a key store with keytool

keytool \
    -alias aliasEntry
    -keyalg RSA 
    -keystore keyStoreName.jks 
    -dname "[email protected], CN=KeyName, OU=Programs Partners, O=Organisation, L=Town, C=NL" 
    -storepass keyStorePassword 
    -keysize 2048 
    -keypass keyPassword



with Cryptography - Keytool (Key and Certificate Management Tool)

keytool -list -keystore serverkeystore.jks

Soap UI Key Store

  • Add the keystore in the keystores

Soap Ui Keystore

  • Set the key store to your request properties

Saop Ui Keystore Request

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