Network - (Internet) Apex Domain (also known as Zone domain)

1 - About

An apex domain is the domain name that:

For example: is an apex domain.

Apex domains are also known as:

  • base,
  • bare,
  • naked,
  • root
  • apex,
  • Origin
  • registered
  • domain apex
  • second level domain name
This is not the same concept than the LDAP distinguished name (DN)

3 - Usage

The main usage is to qualify relative name and makes them unique on an internet scope

The apex domain name can be found in:

4 - Management

4.1 - Registration

To buy an apex domain, you should contact a registrar.

4.2 - Configuration

An apex domain is configured with one of the following DNS record:

If you're configuring the apex domain, you should also configure up the www subdomain.

4.3 - International

5 - Documentation / Reference

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