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A Name service is a database name service that maps an IP name (logical address) to a destination (generally an IP address - physical address)

They are installed on name server


There is two:

Actually, because DNS has replaced WINS, there is only one: What is DNS ? The Domain Name System

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DNS - nslookup command line

Nslookup is a DNS client program to query (ie lookup) domain name servers and get back DNS record information nslookuphost fileping Nslookup has two modes: The local DNS file is /etc/resolv.conf...
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DNS - rDNS - Reverse DNS (lookup|resolution) - from IP to name

A reverse dns lookup is a dns lookup that: query the PTR record with a reverse map name in order to get the DNS name (known also as the reverse DNS name) from a IP address forward dns lookup...
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Domain Registration and Ownership

On this page, we talk the registration of a domain as a unit of ownership and registration which is called for a user or normal organization, an apex domain. The status of a domain name registration...
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Network - Name Database (Database of Name)

A name database is a database of name. They hold principally the relation between: a IP name (logical address) and IP address (physical address) The database can be: a local host file, ...
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Network - Wins

Wins is a name service (originated from windows).
Dns Architecture
What is DNS ? The Domain Name System

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a database of name. It's naming system (service). It holds naming information for some kind of object (not only but mainly host) DNS can be seen as the phone book of...
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What is a DNS Server (nameserver) ?

A nameserver is a server (host) where a name service (generally DNS) program is running generally on port 53. A name server is organized in namespace information unit called ZONEs that manages DNS...
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What is a Domain Name in DNS ?

The term domain name is a name: in the Domain NameSpace (DNS) that identifies an object (known also as node) in the domain database (ie a DNS database or a local host file) It's also known as...
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What is a Domain?

The term domain is just the equivalent short name for a DNS name (ie Domain name). For more information, check the dedicated page: This examples show how the domain name is used to define a host resource....

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