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A DNS record is a row in a DNS database.


Example of a A record.

api                                 IN A


If the apex domain is example.com, this entry will point the qualified domain name api.example.com to the ip


A record is a text line.

<name> <ttl> <class> <type> <rdata>

  • name is the name or IP address for a ptr record
  • ttl is the the time to live in the cache
  • class is the network class being used. No more used only for compatiblity
    • IN for Internet (The default and only)
    • HS for Hesiod (deprecated)
    • CH for Chaosnet (deprecated)
  • type is the type of record
  • rdata is output of the lookup




Pointer records that match a name to a destination:

  • ALIAS - Name to ip alias
  • PTR - reverse - from IP to name



There is also a TXT record for each of the following mail authentication mechanism.


  • ANY,
  • SOA,


A query is also known as a lookup. Check the lookup page to known how to perform a query.

Time To Live (TTL)

The Time To Live (TTL) of a DNS record is generally of 5 minutes.

If clients cache the results of host name lookups in order to achieve a performance improvement, they MUST observe the TTL information reported by DNS. Ref - DNS Spoofing 2)

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