Network - Name Database (Database of Name)

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A name database is a database of name.

They hold principally the relation between:


The database can be:

Today, DNS has replaced WINS, therefore the real name database is DNS

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DNS clients - A list of client that can query the DNS database

A DNS client is an application that calls the resolver to query name database in order to perform forward lookup (IP from name) or reverse lookup(Name from IP). This page lists this application
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Network - Hosts File

A host file is a database name in the form of a file on the local file system. It is a computer file used by the operating system resolver to map an IP name to an IP address. The mapping information...
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Network - Name Service

A Name service is a database name service that maps an IP name (logical address) to a destination (generally an IP address - physical address) They are installed on name server There is two: DNS...
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Network - Name and Naming

Every node resource (host, address) on the net has a name. This sections regroups all article this subject. A host has: a unique name defined in the operating system known as the hostname and one...
Dns Architecture
What is DNS ? The Domain Name System

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a database of name. It's naming system (service). It holds naming information for some kind of object (not only but mainly host) DNS can be seen as the phone book of...
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What is a DNS Resolver?

The resolver or recursive resolver is a method (class/interface) that: transforms: a user request (DNS query) into multiple name servers query that can provide the information. process the...
Public Vs Private Ip Address
What is a IP Address? A Unique network IDentifier

An IP address is: the address of the Internet protocol (IP) that identifies: a single interface with a unicast address or set of interfaces with a multicast address With Ipv4: where:...
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What is a IP Name (human-friendly computer name)?

An ip name is a logical name for an IP address. One or several IP name can be assigned to an IP address. In other word, an IP name is a name under which the network adapter is known in the network....

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