What is a DNS Resolver?

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The resolver 1) or recursive resolver is a method (class/interface) that:

  • transforms:
    • a user request (DNS query)
    • into multiple name servers query that can provide the information.
  • process the response
  • using or not a cache

They must be able to access at least one name server and use that name server's information to answer a query directly, or pursue the query using referrals to other name servers.

A resolver is typically directly accessible to user programs; hence no protocol is necessary between the resolver and the user program.

Resolver and Dns server

Resolver is also another name for a nameserver that can handles recursive queries.

Example: DNS Lookup

The resolver starts from the root and goes all the way down to find the authoritative nameserver of the name.

Example: when a user asks the website dns name datacadamia.com, the web browser performs a query with the resolver.

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