DNS - Server (nameserver)


A nameserver is a server (host) where a name service (generally DNS) program is running.

A name server is organized in namespace information unit called ZONEs that manages DNS information for an apex domain. They may be also an AUTHORITY for one or more zone.



You set your nameserver by updating the NS record


Before updating your DNS server when you want to move one's domain from one registrar to another., you can check that the DNS server have a good configuration.

This is called an undelegated domain test (ie when this is not your actual public/published DNS).

For example, if you want to move your zone example.com from the nameserver “ns.example.com” to the nameserver “ns.example.org”.


The https://zonemaster.fr/ of AFNIC can check the configuration of the primary and secondary DNS server:

  • actual
  • or before switching to them (option)


The nameserver are designed by the NS record that you can query

For instance:

nslookup -type=NS example.com 
dig -t ns DOMAIN

Public list

The database public-dns.info contains public DNS Servers that are reachable by IPv4 or IPv6. (Around 6000 Nameservers from 150 countries)

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