Tree - Branch

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A branch is a path from node to node inside a tree beginning at the root or at a leaf

In code development and versioning, this concept is used for instance to represent a development branch where all nodes are commit.

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Code Versioning - Branch (Line of Development)

The word branch means a line of development. The first one is generally call the master. tree pathhead in git A branch is a sort of sandbox. A branch can be made for: new features to follow the...
Tree Ancestor
Tree - Ancestor (Ascendant)

An element A is called an ancestor of an element B, if and only if B is a descendant of A. Ancestors are element (members) in branches above a element (member).
Member Relationship
Tree - Parent

A parent is a node that has: children (ie nodes below it). (equivalent to) a branch below it. Each element (node) in a tree has exactly one parent, with the exception of the root element, which...
Member Relationship
Tree - Relationship

This page describes the Relationship in a tree. A tree is composed of node and edge that describes the relationship of a tree. All different relationship in a tree may be categorized with this...
Member Relationship
Tree - Root node

The root node is the only node in a tree without parent. The root is the top node (member) in a branch. The root is also called: the topmost node the starting node

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