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Essbase uses terms to describe the roles and relationships of the members in a database outline.

Member Relationship

Hierarchical terms description
Essbase - Generation Generation refers to a consolidation level within a dimension.
Essbase - Level Level also refers to a branch within a dimension; levels reverse the numerical ordering used for generations.
roots The root is the top member in a branch.
leaves Leaf members have no children.
Family history terms description
Essbase Parent A parent is a member that has a branch below it.
Essbase - Child A child is a member that has a parent above it.
sibling Siblings are child members of the same immediate parent, at the same generation.
descendants Descendants are members in branches below a parent.
ancestors Ancestors are members in branches above a member.

To ease report maintenance, you can assign a name to a generation or level and then use the name as a shorthand for all members in that generation or level. Because changes to an outline are automatically reflected in a report, when you use generation and level names, you do not need to change the report if a member name is changed or deleted from the database outline.

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