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Formulas calculate relationships between member in the database outline. You can :

This topic explains how TBC optimized the performance of its database by using formulas.

Formulas comprise :

  • operators
  • functions, as well as
  • dimension names,
  • member names,
  • and numeric constants.

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Essbase supports the following operators:

  • Mathematical operators that perform arithmetic operations
  • Conditional operators that build logical conditions into calculations
  • Cross-dimensional operators that point to data values of specific database member combinations


The Measures dimension uses the following formulas:

  • Margin = Sales – COGS
  • Total Expenses = Marketing + Payroll + Miscellaneous
  • Profit = Margin – Total Expenses
  • Profit % = Profit % Sales
  • Margin % = Margin % Sales
  • Profit per Ounce = Profit / @ATTRIBUTEVAL(@NAME(Ounces))

Essbase uses Essbase - Consolidation Operator to calculate the Margin, Total Expenses, and Profit members :

  • The Margin% formula uses a % operator, which means “express Margin as a percentage of Sales”.
  • The Profit% formula uses the same % operator.
  • The Profit per Ounce formula uses a division operator (/) and a function (@ATTRIBUTEVAL) to calculate profitability by ounce for products sized in ounces.

In the Profit per Ounce formula, the @NAME function is also used to process the string “Ounces” for the @ATTRIBUTEVAL function.

Documentation / Reference

  • For a complete list of operators, functions, and syntax, see the Oracle Essbase Technical Reference.

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