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Report Writer is a text-based script language that you can use to report on data in multidimensional databases. You can combine Report Writer's selection, layout, and formatting commands to build a variety of reports.

With the Report Writer, you can generate reports whose length or specialized format exceed the capabilities of a spreadsheet. You can use the Report Writer to:

  • Define formatted reports on multidimensional data
  • Export data from an Essbase database
  • Produce free-form reports

Documentation / Reference

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Essbase Overview
Essbase - Clients

The client tier of the are : for Office, Fusion Edition, , Fusion Edition. an MDX query, or Report Writer. You can install them separately of the server installation....
Essbase Overview
Essbase - How to produce report ?

To produce reports, Essbase provides several clients and options: Use the Report Writer option in Essbase to select commands and options. Use a spreadsheet in Essbase template retrieval mode. Execute...

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