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Data storage properties define where and when consolidations are stored.

For example, by default, members are tagged as store data. Essbase sums the values of store data members and stores the result at the parent level.

You can change the default logic for each member by changing the data storage property tag for the member. For example, you can change a store data member to a label only member. Members with the label only tag, for example, do not have data associated with them.


Data Storage Properties Effects on Members
Store data The member stores data. Store data is the default storage property.
Dynamic Calculation The data associated with the member is not calculated until requested by a user. The calculated data is not stored; it is discarded after the request is completed.
Dynamic Calc and Store The data associated with the member is not calculated until it is requested by a user. The calculated data is then stored.
Shared member The data associated with the member comes from another member with the same name.
Never share The data associated with the member is duplicated with the parent and its child if an implied shared relationship exists.
Label only Although a label only member has no data associated with it, it can display a value. The label only tag groups members and eases navigation and reporting. Typically, label only members are not calculated.

For example, in the Measures dimension, the member Ratios has three children, Margin%, Profit%, and Profit per Ounce. The member Ratios defines a category of members. When consolidated, Margin%, Profit%, and Profit per Ounce do not roll up to a meaningful figure for Ratios. Hence, Ratios is tagged as label only.

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