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EssCmd (Essbase Command Script) is a shell script and is replaced progressively by Essbase - MaxL.

ESSCMD Automation with Batch Processing

ESSCMD Batch Processing

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Essbase Overview
Essbase - (Dimension|Outline) Build

Building dimensions (known also as building outline) is the process of loading dimension and members data into an Essbase database outline by using a data source and a dimension build rules file. When...
Essbase Folders Structure
Essbase - Application (Directory Structure)

An Essbase application is a management structure that contains : one or more database (cube) and related files called artifacts Essbase applications and databases reside on an essbase servers....
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Creating / Copying a database

When you create a database, Essbase creates a subdirectory for the database within the application directory. The new subdirectory has the same name as the database. For example, ARBORPATH/app/app1/dbname1....
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Data Load

Loading data is the process of adding data values to an database from a data source. If the data source is not perfectly formatted, you need a data load rules files to load the data values. You can load...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Data load in a parent member overwritten by consolidation

If you work with a block storage database (not aggregate storage) and then you load data into a parent member, when you calculate the database, the consolidation of the children’s data values can overwrite...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - How to produce report ?

To produce reports, Essbase provides several clients and options: Use the Report Writer option in Essbase to select commands and options. Use a spreadsheet in Essbase template retrieval mode. Execute...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Location Aliases

A location alias is a descriptor for a data source. A location alias maps an alias name for a database to the location of that database. A location alias specifies : an alias, a server, an application,...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Locking and Unlocking Outlines

In , an is always locked when it is opened in edit mode. Essbase unlocks the outline when the outline is closed. When an outline is locked, Essbase does not allow other users to save over, rename, delete,...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Locking and unlocking artifacts

Essbase uses a checkout facility for database to ensure that only one user modifies an at one time. This section describes how to lock and unlock artifacts, with the exception of . See . By default,...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Outline Creation and Management using Outline Editor

This article provides an overview of creating outline using Outline Editor. For information Outline Editor, see the Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help. All examples in this chapter are...

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