Essbase - Dynamic Calculations


When you design the overall database Essbase - Calculations, you may want to define a member as a Dynamic Calc member. When you Essbase - Tag a member as Dynamic Calc, Essbase calculates the Essbase - Combinations/Intersections of that member when you retrieve the data, instead of precalculating the member combinations during the regular database calculation.

Dynamic calculations shorten regular database calculation time but may increase retrieval time for dynamically calculated data values.


In the figure below, the TBC Measures dimension contains several members tagged as Dynamic Calc :

  • Profit,
  • Margin,
  • Total Expenses,
  • Margin %,
  • and Profit %.

When an overall database calculation is performed, the Dynamic Calc members and their corresponding Essbase - Formulas are not calculated. These members are calculated when a user requests them.


Essbase does not store the calculated values, it recalculates the values for any subsequent retrieval. However, you can choose to store dynamically calculated values after the first retrieval.

When to calculate data values dynamically

To decide when to calculate data values dynamically, consider your priorities in the following areas:

  • Optimum regular calculation time (batch calculation)
  • Low disk space usage
  • Reduced database restructure time
  • Speedy data retrieval for users
  • Reduced backup time

Documentation / Reference

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