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Essbase Overview

Storage type

Essbase support two storage type :

for multidimensional databases.

How the data are internally stored is determined by this two options.

BSO cubes typically contain fewer (and smaller) dimensions than aggregate storage (ASO) cubes and can perform numerous and complex calculations on the smaller outlines. ASO cubes are designed to provide rapid aggregation capabilities for much larger Essbase outlines, typically supporting many more (and larger) dimensions.

Aggregate storage databases enable dramatic improvements in both :

  • database aggregation time
  • and dimensional scalability.

The aggregate storage kernel is an alternative to the block storage kernel. Aggregate storage databases typically address read-only, “rack and stack” applications that have large dimensionality.

Business Application Properties Storage
Customer Analysis Many dimensions, million of customer Aggregate
Sales Forecasting Top-down planning and allocations Block
Procurement Analysis Many products across many customers Aggregate
Profitability Analysis Cost Allocations across products and customers Block
Logistics Analysis Near real-time information on product shipments Aggregate
Financial consolidations Currency conversion, inter-company eliminations Block

For some projects, combining the calculation strengths of BSO with the aggregation strengths of ASO offers the best fit for your Essbase analytical needs. An ASO reporting cube, combining BSO and ASO cubes, is one example.

What determine how data is stored in the database ?

ASO / BSO Storage structure

Block storage outline (BSO) uses two types of internal structures to store and access data:

The blocks exist and you are just pulling calculated values out of them.

Aggregate storage (ASO) does not have this block concept. In ASO nothing bet the level 0 blocks exist.

ASO uses MDX and BSO calc scripts.

ASO has its own export data routine which exports only level 0, whereas DATAEXPORT for BSO allows exporting data at any level.

Can I move my Cube from BSO to ASO

If the BSO calculation is just aggregating the cube then it should be okay. If the calculation script is executing any type of logic, then you will have to deteremine if that functionality can be replicated using MDX member formulas. If it can't, then the application might not be a good candidate for ASO. Not all BSO apps can be converted to ASO. It depends on the functional requirements.

Documentation / Reference

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