Essbase - Performing Deferred-Restructure/Incremental Dimension Builds

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The Deferred-Restructure Dimension Builds is valuable method when you are using more than one single data source for a dimension build.

By default, each time you make changes to an outline, Essbase considers the type of change and restructures the database if needed. Restructuring the database rebuilds the database, which takes time, requires more disk space for its process, and can cause file defragmentation.

Deferred-restructure dimension builds, also known as incremental dimension builds, read multiple data sources for dimension builds and delay restructuring until all data sources have been processed.

Tools to perform a Deferred-Restructure Dimension Builds

The following methods for performing deferred-restructure builds use different approaches to specifying the action:

When the files listed are all dimension builds, a deferred-restructure dimension build option is available. Selecting this option delays restructuring until all sources have been processed. The outline is validated after each dimension build is processed. See “Performing a Data Load or Dimension Build” in the Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help.

  • Essbase - MaxL enables you to include all of the data sources within one import database statement.

You can control whether outline validation is performed for each file. You must enable outline validation for the last file. See “import database” and “import dimension” in the MaxL section of the Oracle Essbase Technical Reference.

  • Essbase - EssCmd requires several commands:
    • BEGINCBUILDDIM, to indicate that a deferred-restructure dimension build is to be performed
    • INCBUILDDIM for each data source, to indicate that the data sources to be included in the dimension build
    • ENDBUILDDIM, to trigger restructuring, if needed

In all cases, the data sources are processed in the order in which they are listed.

MaxL and ESSCMD enable you to enforce or suppress outline verification for each file. To ensure a valid outline, ensure that the last build verifies the outline. Deferred-restructure dimension builds in Administration Services verify the outline after each data source is processed.

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