Essbase - Selection of Dense and Sparse Dimensions

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The setting of the dimension as sparse or dense have a lot of influence on the storage. See this article to understand how : Essbase - Dense and Sparse Selection Effect on the data storage (performance).

If you match patterns correctly, you can store the existing data in a reasonable number of fairly dense data block, rather than in many highly sparse data blocks.


In most data sets, existing data tends to follow predictable patterns of density and sparsity.

Automatic configuration of dense and sparse dimensions

To help you determine whether dimensions should be dense or sparse, Essbase provides an automatic configuration feature.

To select automatic configuration of dense and sparse dimensions, see “Setting Dimensions as Dense or Sparse” in the Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help.

Essbase can make recommendations for the sparse-dense configuration of dimensions based on the following factors:

  • The time and accounts tags on dimensions
  • The probable size of the data blocks
  • Characteristics that you attribute to the dimensions

The automatic configuration of dense and sparse dimensions provides only an estimate. You can apply a recommended configuration, or you can turn off automatic configuration and manually set the sparse or dense property for each dimension.

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Essbase Overview
Essbase - Dense and Sparse Dimension

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