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The following paragraph describe how Essbase processes invalid fields during a data load.

Missing Dimension or Member Fields

If a dimension or member field is missing, Essbase uses the value that it used previously for that dimension or member field. If there is no previous value, Essbase aborts the data load.

For example, when you load the following file into the Sample.Basic database, Essbase maps the Ohio member field into the Market dimension for all records, including the records that have Root Beer and Diet Cola in the Product dimension.

Jan Sales Actual Ohio
                 Cola          25
                 "Root Beer"   50
                 "Diet Cola"   19

Essbase stops the data load if no prior record contains a value for the missing member field. For example, if you try to load the following file into the Sample.Basic database, the data load stops, because the Market dimension (Ohio, in the previous example) is not specified.

Jan Sales Actual
           Cola          25
           "Root Beer"   50
           "Diet Cola"   19

Unknown Member Fields

If you are performing a data load and Essbase encounters an unknown member name, Essbase rejects the entire record. If there is a prior record with a member name for the missing member field, Essbase continues to the next record. If there is no prior record, the data load stops.

For example, when you load the following file into the Sample.Basic database, Essbase rejects the record containing Ginger Ale because it is not a valid member name. Essbase loads the records containing Cola, Root Beer, and Cream Soda. If Ginger Ale were in the first record, however, the data load would stop.

Jan, Sales, Actual
Ohio    Cola          2
        "Root Beer"   12
        "Ginger Ale"  15
        "Cream Soda"  11


If you are performing a dimension build, you can add the new member to the database.

Invalid Data Fields

If you are performing a data load, when Essbase encounters an invalid data field, it stops the data load. Essbase loads all fields read before the invalid field into the database, resulting in a partial data load. For example, in the following file, Essbase stops the data load when it encounters the 15- data value. Essbase loads the Jan and Feb Sales records but not the Mar and Apr Sales records.

East Cola   Actual
Sales       Jan     $10
            Feb     $21
            Mar     $15-
            Apr     $16


For information on continuing/restarting the load, see Loading Dimension Build and Data Load Error Logs.

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