Essbase - Delimiters


A file delimiter is the character (or characters) used to separate fields in the data source.

Valid Delimiters

You must separate fields from each other with delimiters.

With a rule file

By default, a rules file expects fields to be separated by tabs.

If you are using a Essbase - Rules File, delimiters can be any of the following:

  • Tabs (default)
  • Spaces
  • New lines
  • Carriage returns
  • Commas
  • Fixed-width column
  • Custom value.

Acceptable custom values are characters in the standard ASCII character set, numbered from 0 through 127.

You can set them with the Essbase - Data Prep Editor in the data source properties option of the tool menu.

Without a rule file

If you are loading data without a Essbase - Rules File, you must use spaces to delimit fields.

Extra Delimiter

One more … ?

With a rule file

In data sources that are loaded with a rules file, Essbase reads extra delimiters as empty fields. For example, if you try to use a rules file to load the file below into the Sample.Basic database, the load fails. Essbase reads the extra comma between East and Cola in the first record as an extra field. Essbase then puts Cola into Field 3. In the next record, however, Cola is in Field 2. Essbase expects Cola to be in Field 3 and stops the data load.


To resolve the problem, delete the extra delimiter from the data source.

Without a rule file

In data sources that are loaded without a rules file, Essbase ignores extra delimiters. In the following example, the fields are separated by spaces. Essbase ignores the extra spaces between the fields.

East   Cola   Actual   Jan   Sales   10
East   Cola   Actual   Feb   Sales   21
East   Cola   Actual   Mar   Sales   30

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