Essbase - How to verify that the Data Source Is Available

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If Essbase cannot open the Essbase - Data Source that you want to Essbase - (Load|Build) Cube Processes, ensure that the following conditions are true:

  • The data source is open (for example, is someone editing the data source?).

Essbase can load only data sources that are not locked by another user or application.

  • The data source has the correct file extension.

Text files must have a .txt extension; rules files must have an .rul extension.

  • The data source name and the path name are correct.

Check for misspellings.

  • The data source is in the specified location.

Ensure that no one has moved or deleted the data source.

  • If you are using a SQL data source:
    • The connection information (such as the user name, password, and database name) is correct.
    • You can connect to the SQL data source without using Essbase.

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