Essbase - Build Method


The build method has to be choose to perform a dimension build.

The build method that you select :

  • depends on the type of data in the data source
  • and determines the algorithm

that Essbase uses to :

  • add,
  • change,
  • or remove

dimensions, members, and aliases in the outline.

Main Methods

Generation Reference - Top-down data

Generation reference build method modify the properties of existing dimensions and members.

It's a Top-down data. Each record specifies the parent’s name, the child’s name, the children of that child, and so on.


Year, Quarter, Month

Field type information: The generation number for each field.

Level reference - Bottom-up data

Level reference build method is aimed to :

It's a Bottom-up data. Each record specifies the name of the member, the name of its parent, the name of its parent’s parent, and so forth.


Month, Quarter, Year

Field Type Information: The level number for each field.

Parent-child reference - Parent followed by its child

A parent-child_reference build method is aimed to :

It's a Parent followed by its child type of data. Each record specifies the name of the parent and the name of the new child member, in that order, although they can specify other information as well.

Example :

Cola, Diet Cola

Field Type Information: Whether a field is parent or child. The field number is 0.


A list of new members

Each data source lists new members; the data source does not specify where in the outline the members belong. Essbase provides algorithms that determine where to add these members.

Build Method Example Description
Add as child of the specified parent
Jan, Feb, Mar, April
Add all members as children of an existing parent (possibly a “dummy” parent)
Add as sibling at the lowest level
800-10, 800-20
Add all members at the end of the dimension
Add as sibling to a member with a matching string
800-10, 800-20
Add each new member to the dimension that contains similar members

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