Essbase - Location Aliases


A location alias is a descriptor for a data source. A location alias maps an alias name for a database to the location of that database.

A location alias specifies :

  • an alias,
  • a server,
  • an application,
  • a database,
  • a user name,
  • and a password.

After you create a location alias, you can use the alias to refer to that database. If the location of the database changes, edit the location definition accordingly.

You can use location aliases only with the @XREF function. With this function, you can retrieve a data value from another database to include in a calculation on the current database. In this case, the location alias points to the database from which the value is to be retrieved. See the Oracle Essbase Technical Reference.

Managing Location Aliases

You can manage a location alias for a particular database by using this tools :

Tool Topic Documentation Location
Essbase - Administration Service (EAS) Creating Location Aliases
Editing or Deleting Location Aliases
Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help
Essbase - MaxL create location alias
display location alias
drop location alias
Oracle Essbase Technical Reference
Oracle Essbase Technical Reference

A location alias is set at the database level. Set the location alias on the database on which the Essbase - Calculation Script is run.

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