Essbase - Administration Service (EAS)

Essbase Overview


Administration Services—the database and system administrators’ interface to Essbase—provides a single-point-of-access console to multiple Essbase - Servers.

Administration Services is a tool which permit you to :

Administration Services is also known as EAS. EAS will stand for Essbase Administration Services and not for Essbase Agent Service.


Administration Services works with Essbase Servers in a three-tiered system consisting of :

Administration Services Architecture

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Essbase Overview
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Oracle's Hyperion® , which is installed and configured as part of , guides users through the creation, execution, and management of business rules on the Essbase Server component of Essbase. improves...
Edelivery File
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Administration Services Architecture
Essbase - Administration Server

Essbase Administration Server is : the Middle tier component of a Java-based server maintains communication, session, and security information for connections to .
Administration Services Architecture
Essbase - Administration Services Console

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Figure below provides a high-level view of the information flow between the three tiers of the Essbase architecture : (on the left) (in the center) (on the right) The client tier includes...
Essbase Overview
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When you create a database, Essbase creates a subdirectory for the database within the application directory. The new subdirectory has the same name as the database. For example, ARBORPATH/app/app1/dbname1....
Essbase Overview
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