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Essbase Overview


Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition provides a common Microsoft Office interface for various EPM System products:

Using Smart View, you can view, import, manipulate, distribute, and share data in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint interfaces.

It can also import content from the Reporting and Analysis repository and can perform adhoc analysis on data from Oracle BI EE.

Essbase Smart View

Connection String: http://weblogicHost:ManagerServerPort/aps/APS


  • Member Selection pattern: *: Match All, ?: Match One Element
  • Only one sheet is connected
  • A dimension can not be in both the rows and columns
  • A dimension can not be placed in the rows, columns or page.
  • If Essbase doesn't know which member of a dimension to use, it will use the topmost member.
  • Essbase is not case sensitive by default.
  • Spelling is important: Budget is not Budgets.
  • Zoom-in (double left click), Zoom-out (double right click)
  • Pivot a cell (Right click and drag)


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Essbase Overview
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