Essbase - #MI or #MISSING

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Essbase - #MI or #MISSING


MI or #MISSING represent missing or unknown values.

If a data source contains blank fields for data values, replace them with #MI or #MISSING.

If there is no value in the data field (or the value is #MISSING), Essbase does not change the existing data value in the database. Essbase does not replace current values with empty values.

ASO/BSO syntax

In ASO, the syntax is a little different than in BSO. You must write for


In ASO, you would just have the word MISSING without the # sign or the semi-colon.


Calculation Result
X == #MISSING False, unless X is #MISSING
X != #MISSING True, unless X is #MISSING
X <> #MISSING True, unless X is #MISSING
(X ⇐ #MISSING) (X ⇐0)
(X >= #MISSING) (X >=0) or (X == #MISSING)
(X > #MISSING) (X > 0)
(X < #MISSING) (X < 0)
f(#MISSING) #MISSING for any Essbase function of one variable
f(X) #MISSING for any X not in the domain of f, and any Essbase function
of more than one variable
(except where specifically noted)

Documentation / Reference

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