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Multi Dimensional Data - MDX in Essbase.

When creating formulas for an aggregate storage database, you use MDX.

When the aggregate storage option was added to Essbase, MDX was chosen over the Calc Scripting Language in order to embrace the industry-standard query methodology.

Although formulas created in MDX can be used only for aggregate storage databases, MDX can be used to query any database—block or aggregate storage. This is because the syntax and functions described in this section are universal, regardless of whether they are used in formulas or queries.

MDX request can be passed into Smart View via the Execute Free Form MDX.


The Administration Services console also includes an MDX editor and viewer. Follow these steps to create a sample MDX query using the Administrative Services console:

  • In the Administration Services console, select File | Editors | MDX Script Editor.
  • In the text editor, type a MDX query such as:
SELECT [Year].Children ON ROWS, 
[Profit].Children ON COLUMNS 
FROM [Sample].[Basic] 
WHERE [Actual]
  • From the menu bar, select MDX | Execute Script.

Documentation / Reference

Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP: The Guide to oracle's Multidimensional Solution: The Guide To Oracle's Multidimensional Solution (Oracle Press) 1st Edition

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