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Data fields are a component of data source which contain also :

Either the data source or the rules file must contain enough information for Essbase to determine where to put each data value. A data field contains the data value for its intersection in the database. In the figure below, for example, 42 is a data field. It is the dollar sales of 100-10 (Cola) in Texas in January.

Essbase Data Source Kinds Of Fields

Data fields contain the numeric data values that are loaded into the intersections of the members of the database. Each data value must map to a dimension intersection. In the figure above, for example, 42 is the data value that corresponds to the intersection of Texas, 100-10, Jan, Sales, and Actual.

You can specify information in the header and in an individual record. In the following example, 100 is the data value that corresponds to the intersection of Jan, Actual, Cola, East, Sales, and 200 is the data value that corresponds to the intersection of Jan, Actual, Cola, West, Sales.

Jan, Actual
      Cola  East  Sales  100
      Cola  West  Sales  200
      Cola  South  Sales  300

Data fields are :

Valid Data Fields

In a data field, Essbase accepts :

If the data source contains a member field for every dimension and one field that contains data values, you must define the field that contains data values as a data field in the Essbase - Rules File. To read the following data source into the Sample.Basic database, for example, define the last field as a data field.

Jan    Cola    East    Sales    Actual    100
Feb    Cola    East    Sales    Actual    200

To define a data field, see “Defining a Column as a Data Field” in the Oracle Essbase - Administration Service (EAS) Online Help.


Valid Modifiers Examples
Currency symbols:
- Dollar $
- Euro
- Yen ¥
12 is a valid value.
$ 12 is not a valid value because there is a space between the dollar sign and the 12.
Parentheses around numbers to indicate a negative number (12)
Minus sign before numbers. Minus signs after numbers are not valid. -12
Decimal point 12.3
Large numbers with or without commas 1,345,218 and 1345218 are valid values.

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