Essbase - Suppression of interdimensional irrelevance by splitting the database

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Interdimensional irrelevance occurs when many members of a dimension are irrelevant across other dimensions.

Essbase defines irrelevant data as data that Essbase stores only at the summary (dimension) level.

Irrelevant data are known also as :

  • level based measure
  • measure stored in a dimension table


In such a situation, you may be able to :

Example : salaries

For example, TBC considered analyzing salaries as a member of the Measures dimension. But salary information often are stored as a dimension column. The salary typically represent one cell, with no reason to intersect with any other dimension.

An “X” in a cell indicates relevance. Only the Salary measure is relevant to individual employees.

Example of Interdimensional Irrelevance

Measures Joe Smith Mary Jones Mike Garcia All Employees
Revenue x
Variable Costs x
Advertising x
Salaries x x x x
Fixed Costs x
Expenses x
Profit x

Because individual employee information is irrelevant to the other information in the database, and also because adding an Employee dimension would substantially increase database storage needs, TBC created a separate Human Resources (HR) database. The new HR database contains a group of related dimensions and includes salaries, benefits, insurance, and 401(k) plans.

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